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Johann Sebastian Bach Flummer demanding my attention

This is Johann Sebastian Bach Flummer. His breed is unknown to me, but he is a true blue Flummer. He even has my eyes!

Johann in a high state of concern over my impending shower
What the heck are you doing with that towel?

Johann gets very concerned when I am in the shower. He spends almost every shower perched up on this shelf in my bathroom, sometimes peeking over the shower curtain to see if I am alright.

Ummmmm..... ahhhhh....... ummmmmm...... ahhhhhhhh....... purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Johann is a touchy feely cat. He loves nothing more than a good rubdown, and makes a point of making sure that he gets one regularly. He also enjoys a good snooze on my old ez chair.

Johann in a typical pose

Johann being nosy.  Maybe it's an arms inspection, but with a bow? Have you ever seen such a nosy cat?Sometimes, I think that Johann makes a point of looking as cute as possible whenever possible.

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This page is maintained by Douglas Flummer, that human who he has deemed suitable for co-habitation.

Last Update: April 11th, 1998

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